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ARRL Field Day 2018

Photos and Uploads from the 2018 Field Day at the Military Museums of Calgary.

The day started with steady rain.  All hands were persistent and proceeded with setup in spite of being cold and wet.

The rain let up as the day progressed.  The station was operated till about 9:30pm.    

21 photo(s) Updated on: 24 Jun 2018
  • Sunday was clear but grounds were still soft and wet
  • Larry showing Pat the Antenna Tester.
  • Setting up the beam in the rain.
  • "Are we having fun yet?"
  • This is the weather that tests the resolve of the volunteers.
  • "Join in the fun!"
  • Wet and windy on Saturday morning.
  • What 25mm of rain looks like on the ground.
  • Stephane, VE6NR, doing what the Field Days is all about. Making contacts.
  • CW and Stories.
  • 25mm of rain a day later. 1/2 a day after the rain stopped.
  • site of 2017 field day
  • set up in the rain
  • flying the flag promoting amateur radio
  • New and Old hams enjoying the event
  • Even though we were A1 AB we took time to offer GOTA to the non contester

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