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  • Membership required to post. Viewing open to public.
  • 'Wanted' or 'For Sale' posts must be related to Ham Radio, containing equipment you would find in a home or mobile station.  
  • Your posting must, at minimum, include brand, model, description, condition, and an asking price, together with contact information including your first name and call sign. 
  • Your profile on the CARA website must include your name, call sign, email address and/or phone number.
  • Private listings only, no dealers.  All posts subject deletion by admins without notice or reason.
  • CARA is not responsible for any listings - Caveat Emptor.

Guidelines for Disposal of CARA Assets and Donations

  • Generate revenue for CARA and avoid placing items in storage.
  • Prioritize item distribution first for club use, then to members, then to the public.
  • List at discounted local prices any items with estimated value under $1000 for sale to members.
  • List at market prices any items with estimated value over $1000 for sale to members then the public.
  • Give members a fair opportunity to purchase items by advertising on CARA’s website Swap and Shop forum. Listings will have an initial period of approximately 7 days where no sales will be made giving CARA groups and members the opportunity to request to purchase. Should multiple members request the same item they will be offered a 24 hour period to submit a single bid over the asking price.
  • Unsold items may be discounted, donated or recycled.
  • Guidelines are subject to change for special circumstances, flea markets, etc. 


  • Subscribe to your post to be alerted when someone replies
  • To monitor all new listings subscribe to this forum.
  • Please check back from time to time and delete sold items, admin will purge old posts as needed.

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