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2019 Fortress Mountain Repeater Work Party

16 individuals responded to Doug Howard's (VE6CID) call out for volunteers to attend a work party to do a significant retrofit and upgrade to the Fortress Mountain Repeater station (VE6AQA) on Sept 7, 2019.   The volunteers converged on Dave Wick's location to collect hardware and to care pool out.  6 vehicles and 2 trailers proceeded to Fortress Mountain where the group spent the entire day working hard.  Work continued all day, with the team leaving the site after nightfall.  
Below are some pictures from the day.  Please feel free to upload your own if you have them.  Note that you need to shrink the photos down to less than 1MB in size if you can.  There are several ways to do this, so if you need instructions, we will have them posted on our forums. 

2019 Fortress Mountain Work Party

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  • Start of the day. Volunteers met at 8:00 to load the trailers and to organize the car pooling. Note the foggy start to the day.
  • Excellent planning. The solar panel JUST fit in the trailer. Not even inches to spare.
  • Doug, Ray and Robin loading the bits and pieces.
  • Doug giving the organizing briefing.
  • more volunteers at the briefing.
  • Car pool of volunteers lined up at the foot of the road up to the repeater.
  • View from the top early in the day, before work started.
  • Doug getting some of the crew organized.
  • This is the view of the shack before we started any work. Note the beautiful weather and the view looking north.
  • Volunteers waiting for instructions and job assignments.
  • "buttons", the designated bear detector and protector. She came with parents Keith and Margret.
  • Volunteers in awe of the view and the work to be done.
  • View of some of the Fortress Mountain ski kill from the Repeater station.
  • another view of some of the volunteers enjoying the stunning view and scenery.
  • More stunning scenery.
  • Unloading the batteries.
  • unloading the batteries.
  • More unloading the batteries
  • The hard working bobcat. Borrowed for the day.
  • Preparing for lunch.
  • Digging the pit for new the base of the tower.
  • Checking the antenna.
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