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CARA Surplus Items for Bid & Sale to the Public

This page is for listing surplus CARA assets to the public, through a bidding and sale process.  

This page is to not to be used for CARA members to buy and sell their personal equipment.  Please use the Swap and Shop page for that.

Please note that all items are sold in "AS IS" condition.  CARA supports no guarantee of condition of items or accuracy of sale description.  Caveat Emptor!

To assure that buyers get a fair opportunity to purchase these surplus CARA assets, a multi-step protocol has been established.

Procedure for Disposal of CARA Assets and Donations

  • CARA seriously wants to avoid placing items in expensive storage, which takes much volunteer time to manage.
    1. Items shall first be made available to CARA interest groups, on condition that such items will be redeployed within several months.
    2. items will then be made available for bid and sale to CARA Members, on a web page visible only to CARA members:  CARA Surplus Items for Bid & Sale to CARA Members .
    3. Anything not purchased by CARA members shall be made available to other ham clubs and the the general public, via this web page.  See forum below.
    4. Failing any takers there, any remaining items likely go to recycling.
  • Funds from the sale of items goes to CARA's general revenue.
  • To promote quick sale, items estimated to be worth less than $1000 should be discounted relative to local market values.
  • Items estimated to have a market value of over $1000 may be listed at market price.
  • Items may be packaged together into bundles for quicker sale.
  • Each listing will be posted for a period of seven days.
  • Anyone interested in buying used items, should subscribe to this page, to make sure they don't miss the sunset of each posting.
  • Please send bids to .  A disposals committee will review any bids and inform the highest bidder of their good fortune.
  • Successful bidders shall make payment, via Email Money Transfer (EMT), to the CARA Treasurer within 24 hours of notice of their good fortune.
  • The executive has developed the following procedure:
    1. the disposal committee submits a list of items proposed for sale
    2. if at all possible, the original funding source of the items must be identified, specifically from casino funds or otherwise
    3. the disposal committee includes the suggested asking price for each item, based on current market value, and then maybe with some discount, so the items sell in a timely manner
    4. approval of the proposed price list can then be granted by the executive committee
    5. final sale value can then be decided by the disposal committee.  Further executive involvement is not required.
    6. funds are paid directly by the buyer to the CARA Treasurer
    7. “Bundling” of items is acceptable, but with no mixing of items bought with casino funds with non-casino items.
  • After payment is received, the successful buyer makes arrangements with the Disposals Committee disposals@caraham to pick up their item(s).  Items not picked up in a timely manner may be forfeit and resold or sent to recycling.
  • This procedure is subject to change for special circumstances such as a flea market.
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