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Nets (HF/VHF)

Here is a list of nets heard in Alberta.  We encourage everyone to check in if they can:

Net Name
Freq. Time Description
Sunday VHF Net 144.200 USB 23:00z Sunday Alberta VHF net.
ACS Calgary (formally Calgary ARES) 146.550 FM or 146.610 (VE6OIL)
19:00 4th Wednesday
ACS Calgary Monthly nets:
MARA 145.290- (VA6CTV)
FARS Network
21:00 Sundays MARA ERC [Emergency Response Communications] net
IRLP Net 146.61 (VE6OIL) 09:00 Wednesday SARA IRLP Trans-Canada Net
Central Alberta ARES 146.61 (VE6OIL) 20:00 Sunday Central Alberta ARES Net, linked to SARA network
LDS Net 146.61 (VE6OIL) 20:30 Sunday LDS Net
CAARC 146.61 (VE6OIL) 20:00 Monday Central Alberta Amateur Radio Club Monday night net
CARA Caratels Net 146.850 FM (VE6RYC) 13:00 Tuesday CARA's weekly midday net held on the VE6RYC repeater.
CARA Rag-Chew Net 146.850 FM (VE6RYC) 19:00 Thursday CARA's weekly evening net held on the VE6RYC repeater.

146.940 (VE6RPT)

20:15 Tues & Thurs
Bob VE6PWT. This Net has been led since 1992

147.135 (VA6CAL)

19:00 Sundays New CCC Repeater Net
Alberta Public Service Net 3.700 LSB 01:30z Daily Nightly public service net. Part of the national traffic system.
BC Public Service Net 3.729 LSB 01:30z Daily BC's public service net.  Part of the national traffic system.
Sask Public Service Net 3.735 LSB 01:00z Daily Saskatchewan's public service net. Part of the national traffic system.
Aurora Net 7.100 LSB 23:00z Daily Western Canada net

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