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VE6AO Station Work Bench

These pictures are of the electronics workbench that was built up for use at the CARA station. 

We are pleased to say that the workbench project is ready for use! The organizing and outfitting of tools and test equipment will be ongoing and with luck, will be a work in progress and grow for many years to come.
This project would not be the success it is without the support and tremendous help of Mike Ross, VE6TC who took on the enormous task of cleaning out the area the bench now occupies. Gerry MacDonald, VE6QLT spent a great deal of time helping with the installation of shelving and tracing mystery cables. He purchased and ‘single handed’ moved a large tool cabinet into place. His organizing of all the tools is meticulous. Pat Spencer, VE6PDS acquired from Alberta Surplus the huge 3 X 6 foot bench top, and brought it to the station. Pat, Gerry and Jim worked on the initial installation.
Pat and Gerry returned the next day and took it to a new level of perfection. Gerry called the support leg, Pat made in his workshop to support the left side, a piece of art!
And finally Goran Poprzen, VE6GPO donated an anti-static mat to finish it all off. This was truly a team project (the best kind) and sincere thanks to all who participated in its success.
It is now ready for use. Any suggestions for additions are welcome

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