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The Calgary Amateur Radio Association traces its roots back more than 70 years. Over that time, and in concert with the development and use of electronics in two-way communications, the scope and practice of Amateur Radio evolved. The role of exploration and development of radio reception and transmission capabilities was the focus of the pioneers. Many amateurs are still involved, at the "bleeding edge of technology", in the ongoing evolution of information transfer via radio transmission. However, for the the majority of us the focus is on enjoyment of and the practical uses of the radio spectrum allocated to amateur radio licensees in virtually every country in the world. 

CARA's current focus is illustrated in the statement of its mission: "Have Fun and Serve our Community". 

 The "Fun" part is learning from and association with people of similar interests in the practical application of today's radio  communications technologies . The "Serve" component is enabling other public communities requiring temporary radio communications capabilities to conduct their events when other communications facilities are absent or inoperative.

Members of CARA take part in many public service events every year. This is facilitated by the club's establishment, operation and maintenance of radio facilities throughout the Calgary region with many in areas where cell service is uanavailable and/or multiple participants need to need to know what is going on, simultaneously and in real time .

Explore the site. If the activities interest you and you would like to become part of a world wide community of Amateur Radio Operators (Hams) contact: for further information.

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