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Foxhunt 2022 April 3

Photos from the April 3, 2022 Fox Hunt event at North Glenmore Park.    This was a day to test out our RDF projects and techniques. 

In attendance were Wilson VA6JWL, Peter VA6RPL, Patrick VE6PDS, Dana VA6DJH, Ken VE6AGR, Joe VE6JHH, and "The Kid".   Did I forget anyone?

The weather was a little cool and overcast, but definitely comfortable.  This was our first time at North Glenmore Park and we found it interesting. 

The intention was to provide a clean radio environment that would be free from annoying radio reflections and distractions.   Did it work?  Not really.  I am thinking that there is no such things as a location that is free from radio interference.

The first thing is that there were metal anti-beaver fences around every tree along the shore of the reservoir.  It was difficult to establish a path to a fox in the trees, even when it was close.   In addition, Wilson put his fox below the ridge behind us there in the photo, and appears that there was a better signal being reflected from across the water than from a few feet away.  

Also, the 3rd fox was way back in the trees in the park, but the battery ran down before most of us had a chance to go hunt for it.  

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