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Amateur Radio For Off Roaders

Got a snowmobile, ATV, dirt bike, or 'jeep'?  Maybe even a fat tire e-bike?  Are you getting out into areas where there is spotty or no cellular telephone service?  Wouldn't it be handy to maintain comms with the folks in the next off road vehicle, or at the campsite, etc..  Or if you get into a pinch, would you be wishing for a way to call a tow truck, ambulance, search and rescue, the police, a conversation officer, etc.? 

With CARA's coming voice linked repeater network system, you can call out of the woods, or off the mountain, to someone elsewhere in the repeater net system, or even patch into the landline or cellular telephone system.  As well, the location-tracking APRS system, for suitably equipped radios, enables friends and family at home to follow your journey on a Google map.

Disclaimor:  An amateur radio repeater system is built and maintained by volunteer hobbyists, and is not always guaranteed to be working.

Here's a link to a list of CARA's amateur radio repeaters:   Each repeater listed includes a propagation map which shows its coverage.

Our list of repeaters includes a link for each repeater to  with additional info for each station.

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