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ARRL Field Day - Sunridge Mall 2011

Field Day  2011 (Saturday June 25th 12 noon to Sunday June 26th 12 noon)

Our goal was to set up two stations, several different antennas, and a public information booth and be ready to go on air at 12 noon - the official start of field day. The crew assembled at 7AM in the south east parking lot at Sunridge Mall.

10 photo(s) Updated on: 08 Jun 2018
  • 9AM - The first mast, a 30 ft. fiberglass mast owned by Gordon (VE6TI) is in place. This will support one end of the G5RV dipole. The tent belongs to Jerry (VE6TL) and will house station #2.
  • 10AM - Laying down the chicken wire ground plane for the multi-band vertical.
  • 10:30AM - cranking up the tower mast with attached tri-band beam and G5RV antennas.
  • Overall view of antenna farm. L - R, 30ft fiberglass mast w/vertical wire, portable tower w/beam at about 40 ft, 30 ft fiberglass mast supporting one end of G5RV.
  • Is this the best ever Field Day site? 24 hour Tim Hortons only 150 ft. away!
  • 11:30AM - Jerry (VE6TL) doing a test transmission on Station #2 prior to the 12 noon official start. Wind drove Jerry to pack up his tent about 4:30PM and move #2 to the back of VE6CCL's car.
  • 7:30PM - Beverage break. Gordon (VE6TI, Jerry (VE6TL), and Peter (VA6LBV) enjoy a cold one outside Station #1.
  • Inside station #1. Jerry re-configured this station for CW when the wind forced him out of his tent.
  • CARA's version of a tailgate party. Rob (VE6CCL) and Andrew (VA6AI)working relocated Station #2.
  • This Sunday morning shot shows the addition of a 4th antenna mast at the front of Rob's car. It is supporting a VHF tri-band vertical - 2 metre, 70 cm, & 1.2GHz.

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