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2019 Disaster Alley

Pictures taken at the City of Calgary Disaster Alley 2019

It was a huge success, even according to the Calgary Herald.
Calgary Herald Reports:
Emergency preparedness event draws crowds to McMahon Stadium

31 photo(s) Updated on: 06 May 2019
  • This is the poster that was created by Peter VA6RPL for the event.
  • View of the booth from the south east
  • view of the trailer and tent from the north west.
  • 1 of 2 pictures of some of the volunteers.
  • 2 of 2 of some of the volunteers. Can you spot the difference between the 2 photos?
  • The complete group at the time the photo was taken.
  • The Amateur Radio Community booth early in the day. No visitors yet. Cliff VE6PLC in foreground.
  • Closeup of the Amateur Radio Booth. Ralph VE6REG and Cliff VE6PLC
  • Booth from another view
  • Alan VE6BUZ proudly showing the APRS display.
  • APRS Data being received during Disaster Alley event.
  • APRS Map of Calgary from APRS.FI
  • Wilson VA6JWL
  • Inside the trailer. Alan VE6BUZ, Rob Ve6CCL, and Wilson VA6JWL
  • Peter VA6RPL on the air.
  • Whiteboard listing the volunteers who attended the event.
  • Ruth and Steve. Volunteers from FARS.
  • HF Station using 20 and 40 meter bands.
  • Peter VA6PJB showing his Go Pack.
  • Signage and also Peter's (VA6PJB) go pack with mag mount and groundplane. Someone is missing part of their oven!
  • Peter VA6PJB proudly showing his go pack and unique mag mount and ground plane.
  • Ralph VE6REG at his Gopack station.
  • Peter VA6RPL and Brian VE6VOO during setup
  • Alan VE6BUZ and Peter VA6RPL during preperations
  • Cliff VE6PLC and his go pack in a briefcase.
  • Doug VE6CID dropping in with a coffee.
  • Robert VE6CCL and the HF station.
  • The city of Calgary's new Mobile Command Center.

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