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CARA Repeaters

Unless otherwise noted all repeaters are currently operational

Voice Repeaters
Call Sign Receive Offset      
Mode Notes/Status/Location
VE6AQA 147.12 +600 kHz 110.9 ENC FM Fortress Mountain, Kananaskis Country. Located on a promontory in the Fortress Ski Resort the repeater covers Highway 40 (about 60 km west of Calgary) from Highway 1 south about 60 km down to Highwood Pass. APRS is active.
VE6AUY 147.06 -600 kHz 110.9 ENC FM Wildcat Hills, NW of Cochrane on Hwy. 1A. Good coverage on Highway 1 from Calgary west into Canmore. Note: Auto offset will give this frequency a "+".
VE6EHX 444.35 +5 MHz 110.9 ENC FM/C4FM

Calgary downtown, Suncor Energy building. Excellent for downtown where intermodulation is a problem. C4FM Repeater in auto mode. Use CTCSS tone 110.9 for analog FM.

VE6HWY 147.33 +600 kHz 110.9 ENC FM Currently Off Line.  Protection Mountain. Covers Highways 1, 1A, and 93 in the Lake Louise area. Located at 9700 ft. on  Protection Mountain, it is serviced by helicopter. Snow can cover the site in the winter. APRS active. Voice operation-key 4 secs.,release, key again to operate. 
VE6IPG 147.285 +600 kHz None
DStr  Calgary, Southland Plaza Icom DStar VHF repeater.
VE6IPG 444.9625 +5 MHz None
FM Calgary Southland Plaza. FM UHF repeater (TEMPORARY). 
VE6IPG 1275.95 +12 MHz None
DStr  Calgary Southland Plaza. 23cm DStar Voice & Data.
D-Star high speed data module.  Currently not working.  Used by Icom ID-1 radios.
VE6RCB 146.715 -600 kHz 110.9 ENC FM Carbon, 75 km north-east of Calgary, 35 km west of Drumheller. This is a Fusion Dual mode repeater. APRS active. 
VE6REC 147.18 +600 kHz None FM Calgary, located at the Shaganappi Golf Course. Good coverage in the central, western and south-central areas of the city. 
VE6RMT 147.36 +600 kHz 110.9 ENC FM Harvie Heights, just west of Canmore, 80 km west of Calgary. Covers as far west as Banff. This is a Fusion Dual mode repeater.
-600 kHz
Portable repeater.  Deployed to support public service events.
VE6RPC 147.21 +600 kHz 110.9 ENC FM Ski Louise. Located at top of Grizzly Gondola.
VE6RYC 53.03 -1 MHz 110.9 ENC


Calgary, Nose Hill Park in the north central area of the city.
VE6RYC 146.85 -600 kHz 110.9 ENC/DEC FM Calgary, Nose Hill Park. Excellent long range coverage as far west as the Banff Park gates, east to Strathmore, south to Nanton, north to Crossfield. The RF path to the NW is shadowed by  Nose Hill. 110.9 Hz tone on both the input and output is required for access to this Fusion repeater. APRS iGATE active.
VE6RYC 224.85 -1.6 MHz 110.9 ENC FM Calgary, Nose Hill Park. Coverage similar to that of the 2 meter repeater.  
VE6RYC 444  +5 MHz None
DMR Calgary, Nose Hill Park. This is a DMR repeater.

APRS (144.390 MHz) Digipeaters and Telemetry
 Site APRS Identifier
 VE6RYC CALGRY Digipeater, Igate
Pigeon Mountain
Digipeater, Igate, Weather Station
Digipeater, Weather Station

Digipeater - Offline

CARANet backbone digital links
 First Endpoint
Second Endpoint
5.8GHz unlicensed band
Internet connection at CSCC for APRS I-gate information, camera images (front page of this site), and network redundancy
5.8GHz unlicensed band

5.8GHz unlicensed band Internet connection at VE6RMT serves as a redundant link
920MHz unlicensed band

906MHz unlicensed band

Last Updated in February, 2021     

Other Repeaters

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