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DCI-445-10C UHF 440-450 Mhz Bandpass Filter for Sale

  • 26 Nov 2022 12:17 PM
    Message # 13003464
    Mike Ross (Administrator)

    This 70 cm (440-450 Mhz) bandpass filter (12 x 8 1/2 x 3 inch)  can be used to reject out of band commercial signals, to reduce intermodulation in either base or mobile 70 cm transceiver receivers.

    Great if you are close to commercial UHF repeaters, UHF pagers on hilltops or high office towers, where your 70 cm radio picks up these signals in addition to the 70 cm signal you are trying to receive. 

    Can pass up to around 200 W of transmitter power in the 70 cm band. Comes with 2 N type female connectors to install between the 70 cm transceiver and antenna and covers from 440-450 Mhz of the 70 cm band. 

    Asking $125 CAD plus shipping outside the Calgary area. 

    If interested please email me at nrossairdrie at    Mike VE6TC  

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