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CARA FaceBook Group Now Live

  • 08 Feb 2022 11:15 AM
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    Patrick (Administrator)

    I thought it would be useful to point out to everyone that there are actually two different kinds of Facebook so called "Pages" .  There are Facebook Pages, and then there are Facebook Groups.   They are different.   I did not know this until recently.  I suspect that there are other out there that also did not know. 

    The reason that this is important is that CARA has decided to create a Facebook Group.    Read on. 

    "What Is a Facebook Page?
    A Facebook page is basically a non-personal profile page---such as a profile for a company, brand, organization, or website.  Pages differ from a typical Facebook profile in that they can be run by multiple people, they can be followed or liked by anyone on Facebook, and their posts can be monetized and promoted.

    What Is a Facebook Group?
    A Facebook group acts as a hub for discussion and sharing information with people who share an interest, location, or other common trait.

    Who Should Use A Facebook Page?
    Pages aren't very effective for those wanting to create a close-knit network or community. Rather, they are more suitable for those looking to promote a specific company, brand, or organization.

    Who Should Use Facebook Groups?
    Groups are best for cases where discussion is the main focus. Groups are great if you want to create a support network."

    See as an example of a web article that tries to explain.   There are many others. 

  • 06 Feb 2022 8:42 PM
    Message # 12580041
    Peter LaGrandeur (Administrator)

    Become a participant on CARA's revived FaceBook group.  Post your photos, questions, and ideas about your amateur radio hobby there.

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