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Saturday July 23 - Balloon Simplex Repeater!

  • 19 Jul 2022 2:31 PM
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    Patrick (Administrator)

    Here is some more info:   ( See )

    It says that the launch is from Saskatoon on Saturday, September 23 at 15:00 UTC (9:00am Mountain)
    The duration of flight is expected to be 3 - 4 hours.
    It will have 2 APRS beacons, VE5AA-11 and VE5AA-12.  12 will beacon every minute with GPS.
    It will also have a 10mw CW beacon on 433.9
    I think this link should work!mt=roadmap&call=a%2FVE5AA-12%2Ca%2FVE5AA-11

  • 15 Jul 2022 11:00 PM
    Message # 12850538
    Joel Weder (Administrator)

    This is from Bruce, VE5BNC in Saskatoon. He's part of the SABRE high
    altitude balloon group.  They will be flying a VHF voice repeater on a
    balloon next week, on Saturday July 23.  



    Our next flight is planned Saturday July 23, at 08:00 (1400 UTC). We’re
    flying a voice repeater that will allow hams as far as 400-600 km from
    the balloon to talk to each other. We’re using an older balloon donated
    to SABRE by Larry VE5LWW so we’re not sure if we’ll hit our typical
    target of 100,000 feet or not. Any ham is welcome to be part of the
    flight. The repeater will be on 147.540 simplex. It’s a simplex, store
    and repeat repeater repeating up to 20 seconds for each transmission.

    Bruce - VE5BNC

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