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RYC Repeater lightning strike, was off the air (Monday AM)

  • 18 Jul 2022 10:33 PM
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    Hello all.
    We think that we were hit by lightning about 9 am Monday 18th

    Hams were on air when we did the work this evening about 8 till 10 PM.
    Art, Dana, Jermey, Doug, Ken,Dave G, Dave W on texting and I am sure some hams  listening but not saying anything.

    Upon arrival,

    • 404 controller not working.
    • Repeater on,
    • IP switch on and not blinking.  Likely same as a few weeks ago. DEAD> 
    • Gateway port dead.   camera ports dead.

    • Reset 404   came back working.
    • Repeater came back on and seemed to work.  Except no one could hear me.
    • RX fine   PA blown.   Local use only,
    • Replaced repeater   12 watts   Yaesu DRX1 CARA’s  from container. 
    • IP switch reset a number of times.   NO worky…..
    • Remotely Dave W did some magic and not able to get it to work.
    • Doug and Dana relocated  some of the ports to the main Router and we are good
    • Dave  W. did  port changes and updated scrips and website.  and APRS gateway ports.
    • Back door of our site Harvey Heights was working just fine  but switch at RYC was blown.

    Raw Status.
    • Have  1 of 2 view camera back on
    • IGATE back on
    • Repeater back on. Calgary  LOCAL ONLY
    • 220 works fine
    • 6 meters unknown at the moment.
    • Controller working and powered off.
    • Part of CARAnet now working.   
    • Blown Repeater Doug has.
    • Blown switch still on site.  will replace tomorrow or on weekend.
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  • 18 Jul 2022 2:30 PM
    Message # 12852859
    Patrick (Administrator)

    It appears that there has been a power failure at RYC. 

    The last response was near 10:00am 7/18/2022.  It is being looked at by volunteers.  We should know later today whether it can be fixed . 

    Last modified: 19 Jul 2022 9:52 AM | Patrick (Administrator)

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