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WANTED: Tower work / Antenna installation

  • 16 Aug 2021 11:34 PM
    Message # 10936284

    Ever feel like you've bitten off more than you can chew? Well, I have. I'm not as physically fit as I thought I was and nearly passed out while 20' up on one of my towers about two weeks ago. So, I'm going to have to eat humble pie and ask the club to see if anyone can help.

    I need someone who is physically fit and has experience with tower climbing to do the following things for me:

    - Replace three segments of LMR400 coax with RG213 coax on three different antennas. One on a 50' tower and the other two on a 25' tower. This would include wrapping the connectors in rubber tape and electrical tape and zip tieing things down. All of which would be provided. 

    - Wrapping an "Air" balun or what some people call an "Ugly choke".

    - Installing an Alpha-Delta sloper on the 50' tower right below the beam. I have "flagpoles" in the yard that can be used to mount the ends of the antenna. I have a 100' segment of RG213 that would go with it.

    - Installing lightening protection SO-239 barrels. (Supplied)

    - Run tests on the antenna system using an antenna analyzer (Provided) to determine the health of the system.

    I can provide all of the equipment and supplies you will need to do the work.

    In return, I can provide:

    - Approximately 100' of LMR400 that you would be removing.
    - Unlimited coffee and/or food/drink. (Can't provide beer, sorry.)
    - IT tech support for your own shack.
    - A cash or e-transfer payment.

    Must bring:

    - Willingness to climb and do antenna work.
    - Your own climbing harness.

    Ideally, the work would need to be done on a weekend or across multiple weekends, as I normally am working from home during the week. I am double vaxxed, so I'm safe to be around.

    Please contact me at or on my cell at 403-809-9979.
    Thank you.

  • 01 Sep 2021 7:20 PM
    Reply # 10975612 on 10936284

    I would like to thank the community for the responses. I'll be posting some pictures and writing a forum post about the work. Thank you!

  • 02 Sep 2021 9:39 AM
    Reply # 10976584 on 10936284

    Enquiring minds want to know why you would replace LMR400 with RG213??

  • 03 Sep 2021 1:22 AM
    Reply # 10977974 on 10936284

    Tim, my exact thought as well?  Even with splices in line the LMR400 has superior loss characteristics as well as power handling, and being a solid outer metal instead of braid it is better for EMI/RFI and noise ingress.

    barry VE6TN

  • 03 Sep 2021 4:06 PM
    Reply # 10979575 on 10936284

    Hey everyone. I see the responses, so I'll clarify.

    I was informed that one wasn't supposed to put LMR400 coax up on an antenna that rotates. Of course, the stuff I had is LMR400 Flex, but RG-213 is better in that it flexes better than LMR400, so it's more ideal to have a length that can twist and bend as the antenna rotates, while using LMR400 for the rest of the run.

    As part of the work that was done, it was discovered that the LMR400 that I had installed had the connectors improperly installed, as they quite literally fell apart as soon as the electrical tape came off, which explained a few things. As soon as the work was done, everything just "worked".

    Last modified: 03 Sep 2021 4:07 PM | Bud Bennett
  • 04 Sep 2021 10:08 AM
    Reply # 10980541 on 10936284

    Bud I expect that was the issue with the LMR400. Were the connectors crimped or soldered? Certainly crimped is mechanically better with the LMR. LMR400 is far superior to 213 and if you have LMR400 Flex that works just fine for with a rotating antenna. I use LMR400 on my installation for 8 years with no issues. DXE sells LMR400MAX which has even better shielding than plain LMR400.

    Tim VE6SH

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