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WANTED: Help to Create one HP3562A Spectrum Analyzer...from three...

  • 02 Sep 2021 1:02 AM
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        I'm looking to create one good HP3562A Spectrum Analyzer.

        I have THREE in various states of condition.  The primary unit had a power supply issue with a thermistor that failed.  I tried replacing it and it failed right away too.  Therefore I purchased two more units for parts.

    I'm using the HP3562A since it has a frequency range starting from 0 Hz DC, for a vibration research study reason.

    I have all the HP user and service manuals, and bags of equipment, tools, etc, but what I'm missing is a little advice about how to approach this best.   (I know one approach is to stop now, while I'm ahead, or to use a PC based audio analyzer). But I'd really like to be able to get at least one unit out of this.  Or if someone wants to take all three off my hands for parts to do this on their own,  for fun, or to sell for profit themselves, while I try other options????  All routes are possible...

    Anyone up for a challenge?? :-)  If I can get 2 working out of the three, maybe I could gift one to the club???


    Michael   (  Email:   )

    PS: Datasheet, User Manual and Service Manual attached.

    Additional Photos now added:

    The units are named Nomad, TanRu and V-Ger, after Star Trek satellites.

    The best unit is Nomad, it just had a bad element in the power board.

    I got the other two units as parts for Nomad.

    I think swapping the power board from TanRu or V-Ger should get Nomad going.

    Operating and Service Manual PDFs  are also downloadable directly from Keysight at:

     Please let me know your thoughts….thx. 


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