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Big list of Estate Sale items

  • 27 Jun 2022 10:45 AM
    Message # 12830304
    Joel Weder (Administrator)

    Estate Sale   - on behalf of Frank VE7AV                         
    Reasonable Offers Considered

    ADI AT-201 VHF handheld. Working OK, but battery is near dead and antenna rubber falling off.  $10
    - Wall wart charger & user manual

    Icom IC-22S VHF mobile radio. Modified with a 60 position switch. Does not appear to Rx or Tx.          $5

    Kenwood KSC-14 dual battery desk charger, works OK. Qty TWO. For TH-25 & TK-240 types.               $40
    - Comes with two W & W KNB-12A 7.2v 1200 mAh batteries. They take a charge but no radio to test.

    Yaesu NC-28B wall chargers for older handheld (qty two). 8.7v 60mA output                                       $5

    Kenwood SPS-12-011A wall charger (AC adapter) for older Kenwood handheld. 13.8v 600 mA output. For radios such as the D72 and F6A.                                                                                                           $5

    Midland TTM-9200 hand DTMF microphones (qty two) with 4-pin connectors. Untested.                $10

    Motorola NTN4849A speaker/mic, modified for what appears to be Yaesu handheld. Untested.            $5

    Icom EM-46 compact speaker/mic, for older handhelds eg M2, M9, H10, U10, A2, A20, U21. Untested.               $5

    Kenwood KMC-45 (or similar – no model # on it) rugged speaker/mic, Untested.                               $5

    Contact me via my callsign at rac dot ca

    Joel, VE6EI

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